Emerging Transformational Ventures: ETV Global, Inc.

ETV Global, Inc. is an M&A business development, ventures partnerships and training for Next Generation Leaders.  The firm headquartered in Los Angeles specializes in disruptive organizational culture and business analytics, team behavior, financial modeling and restructuring, scaling & growth strategies, business and leadership training, organizational performance & team behavior.   

In today’s economy, standard practices are no longer effective. Leaders need to adapt to Wiki-economics, transformational strategies, automation, AI, social media, and quickly respond to market trends with new work force behavior. All within the multi-cultural and diverse global environment to lead effectively thru financial and human performance. 

ETV applies financial simulation, based on game theory and analytics, as a foundation for strategic development to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, increase valuation, attract customers, partners and investors.

Portfolio Industries: Hi-tech, manufacturing, software, fintech, aviation, aerospace, airline, consumer, printing, healthcare, medical labs, biotech, banking, entertainment, media, real estate, interior design, apparel and economic development, Native American enterprises.  


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Software and Information Technologies


Revenue Tool: A Financial Business Model

The key foundation to any business planning and operation is a strong financial business model.  ETV developed "RevenueTool," an easy to use financial business simulation tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOS. The financial business model is formulated with ratios of influencing factors in operations relative to total sales revenues.  It gives you an easy and clear picture of where your business is, what is the growth potential, and what it will take to achieve growth with profitability. For information got to www.revenuetool.com or select the link > RevenueTool 

Technology R&D - Aviation & Aerospace


Earth-Bay - Innovation Engineering

Because there is no other way to admire our planet than from the sky, we imagined EarthBay as being the best way to achieve the wish of many passengers.  EarthBay is a product replacing the cargo door: it is composed of large window sets and of a metallic framing structure.  It will be a real marketing asset for airlines and will enable them to increase their revenues. We believe this will unleash the potential of cargo bays, by bringing natural light in a new space for passengers.

For information got to https://www.earth-bay.com/

MAKEiT: Large Format 3D Printing

MAKEiT, Inc.is an innovation-driven young company making accurate and reliable thermoplastic 3D printing equipment in Southern California.  Afte the successful Kickstarter campaign to launch new product MacroMAKEiT large format printer, they now deliver fully assembled and tested MacroMAKEiT machines. MAKEiT are determined to provide business with accurate, affordable and reliable 3d printing tool solutions ranging from desktop to large format printers, so that businesses can save time and money while making large scale functional parts, molds, jigs and fixutres in house. MAKEiT systems can be controlled and monitored via IoT or local network to enhance automation capacity.  For more information please select the link in the Contact Tab

ETV Academy offers business, management and leadership seminars and courses for entrepreneurs, private companies and corporations. The objective of these seminars is to offer practical education in a workshop format, where participants return to their businesses with the tools to improve their own skill sets and contribute to overall operation and achieve a balanced, sustainable and profitable growth.

Social Media Software Application

The address Book with only two buttons

Teoola is the app which manages your digital IDs and protects your personal data. It helps individuals to decide who will have access to your contact information. Furthermore, it helps individuals to decide whether the information that is uploaded can be shared or not.  Teoola will transfer the location, telephone number and all other relevant information from one SmartPhone to another with just one touch, and it does not matter what smartphone you are using, it will all be transferred. The objective is to enable real time, easy to use tool for business professionals as well as personal contact without the complication of other social media tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
For information about distribution, please contact aalevy@etvintl.com.

 Innovative Technologies & Applications