Emerging Transformational Ventures is a highly diversified M&A business development and ventures partnership firm. The firm specializes in performance assessment and improvements, financial restructuring, R&D and marketingETV partners with CEOs and business owners, ventures and entrepreneurs to guide, develop and execute effective business, financial and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, higher valuations and prepare firms to attract strategic partners and investors.  Industries: Technology, AI, software applications, fintech, bio-tech, medical labs, healthcare, commercial and industrial markets, engineering & manufacturing, robotics, retail & consumer, real estate development, food tech, airline, aviation and aerospace.

Revenue Tool: The customizable financial model for CEOs & Business owners.


Revenue Tool: The customizable financial model for CEOs & Business owners

Revenue Tool is a customizable financial business modeling tool for entrepreneurs, CEOs and  business owners.  It provides the foundation as an easy guide for leading and managing your business thru financial performace and help with easy transitions to strategic business planning.  It includes  simulation forecasts, sales revenue, cost of sales, gross profits, operational costs, net profits, table of financial factors and ratios that influence performance.  

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Execuive Recruiting - Stanton Chase Partnership - A Top 10 Executive Search Firm

Stanton Chase Partnership - A Top 10 Retained Global Executive Search Firms

ETV Global, Inc., partnered with Stanton Chase LA for all related executive searches to support our clients. Stanton Chase, founded in 1990, is one of the top 10 retained global executive search firms. The firm provides executive search and consulting services with proven expertise in key sectors of the global economy: finance, health care, information technology, logistics, consumer brand, manufacturing, engineering, aerospace and aviation industries. Stanton Chase operates from more than 65 offices throughout the Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and North America. It has conducted search and consulting work for such clients as Kohler, Sun Microsystems, and GE. In addition, the company publishes reports on trends and analysis on how long CEOs remain in companies within specific global regions.

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TIE - this is engineering Inc.
TIE is a technology brand with a patented hardware called the SHIFT Drone.  An optimized product for low-budget and casual drone players, operating with its 'one-thumb' ujiversal controller, replacing the traditional two-hand joystick.  SHIFT Drone is the first one-hand drone developed and built with near-field micro sensing technology, all developed by TIE. When the operator’s thumb moves, the drone goes in the same direction. The positioning of the thumb determines the speed and direction of the drone. The one hand operating drone can also perform three axis and spin movements all with the use of the thumb and index finger.
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AVEC Pet HealthCare Device

Avec, is an innovative healthcare device that bring a healthy life style for pets.  Daily washing and drying may be tedious and involves continuous work to clean our pets. Avec has created an innovative product for the future of our furry animal friends. Avec’s pet products is designed to enable sterilization care, addressing fur pollen, germs mold, and bacteria.  In addition, it is an anti-fungal system that disinfects and sterilizes invisible fine dust, airborne mold spores, and ticks. It has been proven to be an essential home appliance for the hygiene of pets and family. It not only protects pets but also protects humans from dust particles and/or germs that tend to be contained within pet’s furs. 

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Teoola - Address Book with Two Buttons

Teoola is the app which manages your digital IDs and protects your personal data. It helps individuals to decide who will have access to your contact information. Furthermore, it helps individuals to decide whether the information that is uploaded can be shared or not.  Teoola will transfer the location, telephone number and all other relevant information from one SmartPhone to another with just one touch, and it does not matter what smartphone you are using, it will all be transferred. The objective is to enable real time, easy to use tool for business professionals as well as personal contact without the complication of other social media tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
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BioCastle Water Technologies, Ltd.

BioCastle is an environmental biotechnology company, developing and marketing technology for water and wastewater treatment: The SBP (Small Bioreactor Platform) technology. They are presenting the capability to bio-engineering the water and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) environment in order to achieve up to 25% process yield increases, without the need for infrastructure upgrade.  In addition, their technology presents the ability for surgically excluding specific contaminants in order to meet regulations.  The SBP technology is used to treat water (contaminated ground water, reservoirs, and rivers), wastewater (domestic and industrial), aquaculture contaminated process water and contaminated soil.  For more information please contact
Dr. Ofir Menashe
CEO and Founder