Emerging Transformational Ventures is a highly diversified M&A business development and ventures partnership firm. The firm specializes in performance assessment and improvements, financial restructuring, R&D, branding and marketingETV partners with CEOs and business owners, ventures and entrepreneurs to guide, develop and execute effective business, financial and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, higher valuations, prepare and attract strategic partners.  
Industries: Technology, bio-tech, medical labs, healthcare, industrial and commercial industries, engineering & manufacturing, retail & consumer, real estate development, vertical farming, aerospace, airline and aviation.


Product Release & R&D 

"Revenue Tool" is Live! :

We launched "Revenue Tool, " Revenue Tool is a customizable business model for entrepreneurs and  business owners to help with easy transitions to financial and strategic business planning.  It includes  simulation forecasts, sales revenue, cost of sales, gross profits, operational costs, net profits and table of financial factors influencing performance.  

Please visit to learn and download your copy.

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