ETV Global & Meritage Partners, Inc.

ETV partnered with Meritage Partners, Inc. a licensed M&A advisory and valuations firm. Through this partnership,
ETV works with clients to better position businesses for growth and attain maximum valuation. Meritage Partners,
will then provide advisory services to clients seeking growth through mergers, acquisitions and or exit strategies.



Business Appraisals

The business appraisal process is a crucial element to business owners in need of establishing value for estate planning, institutional financing, sale of business, partnership buy-outs and other reasons that may require an actual valuation of the business that can be defended in litigation.  Meritage Partners has the ability, knowledge and experience to advise in these matters and to prepare the business appraisal for our clients.  

Business Financing

Meritage Partners has the resources and relationships to the business financing needed to keep your company moving forward. Our Commercial Finance solutions include business loans to improve cash flow, restructure, debt consolidation, and provide working capital. Asset based business loans are just one facet of commercial finance to meet your needs.  Commercial loans can also provide leveraged business financing for acquisition & buyout based on cash flow.  Meritage Partners specializes in Commercial, SBA, and Private Placement Loans starting at $1MM and above.

Loan Products:

Asset Based Lending - Utilizes business assets for collateral.
Cash Flow Lending -Utilizes businesses predictable and historically sustainable cash flows.
Private/Short Term Loans - Private money loans are extremely popular for business owners in need of cash flow for opportunity growth.


Mergers & Acquisitions Division

Buying a Business

Meritage Partners objective is to make each prospective buyer feel comfortable with the fact that we are presenting them with viable business opportunities.Each of our consultants focus their efforts upon specific market niches in order to provide our clients with a level of expertise not found in other firms.

Selling a Business

Meritage Partners welcomes you as a potential seller. We understand the selling process can be very emotional and may be one of the biggest decisions you ever make. We help our sellers accomplish their goals by managing a variety of complex processes that demand an extensive knowledge base, professionalism, confidentiality, and the experience to over come hurdles and move past challenges.


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