Oren Levy
President & COO

Oren Levy
President and COO

Oren Levy is the President and COO of ETV GLObal, Inc. and Director of Communications and Media at Emerging Transformational Ventures.

Mr. Levy has been with the company for over 5 years advancing his skills and contributing to all aspects of the business operation including but not limited to finance, marketing, business development, sales and training, video and commercial prductions. 

At ETV, Oren has produced, written, and directed video commercials and infomercials for online distribution, TV, movie theater pre-roll ads, and Crowdfunding campaigns.

Together with the team at ETV, Oren has managed Crowdfunding campaigns that have been funded and raised over 2000% of their funding goal.

Oren works with clients on their marketing and messaging, including print, video, and online marketing materials. 

In addition, Oren has written sales manuals for ETV and it’s clients in many industries, including customized cold calling scripts, email templates, and sales procedures. Oren helps clients improve their sales by training their staff on sales scripts, and helping them improve their communication with prospects and customers.

Oren graduated Magna Cum Laude from UC Irvine, with a double major B.A. in English and Film and Media Studies.

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