Food & Hospitality
Jan Hogrewe
CEO & Founder
Just Jans Jam, Inc.

It only took a moment for me to realize working with Dr. Levy would transform and elevate my business to levels I had not imagined.  Being a one woman business owner and having exceeded my own expectations in such a short time from opening my new business - I knew I could not continue alone and succeed.  The challenges both from a personal and business standpoint were becoming overwhelming and hard to manage as I was growing quickly.  Dr. Levy quite literally took the weight off my shoulders and gave me a sense of peace immediately upon working with him and his team. 

Since we started working together, I feel like I’m being given a crash course in getting my masters degree in business and he’s opened my eyes to seeing a much bigger picture along with a vision of what my business will look like in the future.  I am focused and feeling a sense of balance in my life and so happy that the stars aligned for us to meet and travel down this exciting new path!

Thank you Dr. Levy and ETV team for all your caring, encouragement, support and incredible work ethics.  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.



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