Video Production Group 

ETV - Video Production Group, produces TV and Web commercials for our clients, and special projects.  We design and develop new products for video production applications.



Our Production Process
 ETV is determined to help businesses realize their vision. We produce video content strategically designed to enhance our clients' business, and thus play close attention to their needs. We work closely with our clients, and constantly use their input and overall vision to enhance our creative production. At the same time, we take care of every aspect of video production and make it easy for our clients to anticipate and be satisfied with the final product.
Our process is as follows:
  • Meet with the client to discuss their vision, and their goal for the project.
  • Planning the project to suit the client's vision.
  • Presenting a plan for the project, including a budget and schedule, and receiving input from the client.
  • Prepare the set off/on location
  • Shoot the video.
  • Edit a rough cut for the client
  • Present rough cut for approval, and take notes from the client.
  • Finalize the video
  • Deliver the video: Either on DVD , or we can integrate the video directly into a cliet's website.
  • Maintenance: We are there for the client after completion of the project to ensure  that everything runs smoothly.

Video Production Services

ETV has a full service video production company. ETV will work with you to design a video commercial for your business, from conception to completion. Services Include:

  • Commercial Production for TV and Web
  • Infomercial Production
  • Short Film Production
  • Pilot Filming
  • Scriptwriting
  • Casting
  • Set Design
  • Live Event Filming
  • Video Editing

Our Production Objectives

  • Develop a corporate message
  • Write a Script, and present it for review
  • Plan and budget a Commercial
  • Prepare and schedule a shoot
  • Shoot the video
  • Edit the video, and add voiceovers, music tracks etc.
  • Present rough cut for approval
  • Finalize video
  • Integrate into distribution platforms, including TV, and online channels