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Dr. Aaron Levy

LevyAtion - ETV Aviation Division

ETV Aviation venture was formed to develop and provide a highly diversified approach to aviation business development and marketingETV partners with aviation businesses to develop and execute effective business, financial and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.  

With extensive experience in business development and leadership, ETV provides a wide range of business perforamnce and market analysis, financial simulation modeling, sales & strategic development, organizational improvements and performance, diversification and economic development strategies, crowd-funding, and media web productions.  

Why there are no Electric Planes

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Earth-Bay - Innovation Engineering

Because there is no other way to admire our planet than from the sky, we imagined EarthBay as being the best way to achieve the wish of many passengers.  EarthBay is a product replacing the cargo door: it is composed of large window sets and of a metallic framing structure.  It will be a real marketing asset for airlines and will enable them to increase their revenues. We believe this will unleash the potential of cargo bays, by bringing natural light in a new space for passengers.

For information got to https://www.earth-bay.com/