ETV partnered with PayrollCentric for payroll Services for you


ETV Global, Inc.,  partnered with PayrollCentric to support our clients, of all sizes, with cost effective payroll services that include but not limited to payroll processing, integrating Human Resource, Time & Attendance products, and upload General Ledger and 401(k) files directly to your Administrator.

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Payroll Centric


Payroll Centric provides payroll services for employers of all size. The company was founded on the principle of creating lasting relationships with our clients based on professionalism, commitment and loyalty. The key component in every relationship we foster is in customizing payroll solutions that work specifically for you.  We create easy-to-import payrolls, integrate with Human Resource and Time & Attendance products, and upload General Ledger files and 401(k) files directly to your Administrator.  Our personalized solutions reduce the impact of your payroll responsibilities and make the process more efficient, allowing you to focus on your business.

Payroll Centric Services Software

  • Automatically pay your employees: Salaried or hourly
  • Import your Time Clock information electronically
  • Pay groups: Different pay frequencies within the same pay file
  • Create your own payroll entry template
  • Check Processing
  • Tax Calculator
  • Agency Checks: 401(k), garnishments and insurance carriers
  • Multi-Year History
  • Report Writer 
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Time Off Accrual
  • Labor Distribution and Job Costing


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