ETV - Projects and Investment Opportunities

The Projects division of ETV Global includes selected business ventures that ETV invest development resources to research, design and develop new entities and opportunities in emerging markets. These Projects are coordinated thru alliances with partners and investment firms and are designed to implement and execute actions and plans to deliver products and service to the public. ETV projects are a great venue to attract potential business partners and investors in making many dreams come thru to soo many creative and well deserve people. The following is a selected list of key projects being managed and directed by ETV Global.

Spin FX Smart Logic Digital Hoop

Cold Shoulder Weight Loss is a new social media network designed for pilots, aviation professionals, general aviation members, commercial or military pilots and space enthusiasts. This social network is designed not only as a data resource and general news or "Buzz" in the industry but also as a tool for members to connect and share information and experiences. These may include flight planning and tours, flight instruction resources, aviation jobs, pilot's products and accessories, insurance, aviation safety resources, aviation art,  photography, sound and video clips.

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