Portfolio of Clients with Investment Opportunities

The following is a selected list of key Clients/ Projects being managed with Investment Opportunities for interested partners.


Medical Companies
myLAB Box

Lora Ivanova - CEO & Co Founder
Ursula Hessenflow - COO & Co-Founder 
myLAB Box

myLAB Box is a first-of-its-kind service that delivers online medical STD screening solutions to your doorstep allowing you to keep private things private. Best of all, you can enjoy FREE physician consultations without setting a foot outside if you ever test positive. 
Uncomplicate your life and get results with a click!  We’ve worked with some of the best experts in the U.S. to design a program that allows you to screen anytime and anywhere. Each test can be completed in less than 5 minutes (including reading the instructions) with no need to drive, schedule appointments or wait in line.  
We will remind you when it’s time to test again so you will never have to worry or keep track. And best of all, our revolutionary system is so affordable; you won’t believe you ever lived without it!

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Vertical Farming Technologies
Vertical Green Technology 

Jerome Renard - Co Founder
Elijah Rosenberg - Co-Founder 

Vertical Green Technology is a Los Angeles based technology company that has developed an advanced vertical farming platform for the commercial production of leafy greens, herbs and medicinal plants. Our vertical farms are fully automated, and are enclosed in airtight grow chamber, to reduce labor cost and contamination risks, and to deliver zero chemicals, pristine and tasty greens consistently and predictably. Our technology allows the year-around production of locally grown food anywhere in the world, providing consumers with fresh and safe produce at a reasonably competitive price. Vertical farming is an emerging and transformational industry that is set on disrupting the current model of fresh food production, transportation and distribution. As with any new technology, machinery, equipment, techniques and tools adapted to that field are in their infancy. Vertical Green Technology focus is on providing the innovation, R&D, manufacturing and deployment of that new needed technology.

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Bio Technology
BioCastle Water Technologies, Ltd.

Dr. Ofir Menashe
CEO and Founder

BioCastle is an environmental biotechnology company, developing and marketing technology for water and wastewater treatment: The SBP (Small Bioreactor Platform) technology. They are presenting the capability to bio-engineering the water and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) environment in order to achieve up to 25% process yield increases, without the need for infrastructure upgrade.  In addition, their technology presents the ability for surgically excluding specific contaminants in order to meet regulations.

The SBP technology is used to treat water (contaminated ground water, reservoirs, and rivers), wastewater (domestic and industrial), aquaculture contaminated process water and contaminated soil.

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Revenue Tool: A Financial Business Model

The key foundation to any business planning and operation is a strong financial business model.  ETV developed "RevenueTool," an easy to use fianancial business simulation tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals. 

ETV financial business simulation model, developed by Dr. Levy and his team, is based on applications of game theory and over 20 years of experience leading and managing organizational development, financial restructuring and operations.
The financial business model is formulated with ratios of influencing factors in operations relative to total sales revenues.  It gives you an easy and clear picture of where your business is, what is the growth potential, and what it will take to achieve growth with profitability.
Combining your products and services, pricing, costs, margins, sales revenues and forecasts, cost of sales, gross profits, cost of operations, P&L and net profits, all interrelated by ratios of departmental budgets to total revenues, the financial business model calculates the operational values business owners need to implement. 
Designed as an easy to use tool for business owners, at any level of business expertise and in any market, the financial business simulation model is an excel based platform consist of 6 table components: The simulation forecast table, the sales revenue table, the cost of sales table, the operational costs table and the financial ratios table.  All tables are integrated and the ratio are design to be reprogrammable and customized to adjust to a particular industry and or business.  

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PILOTBUZZ.COM and PILOTSBUZZ.COM and media or web site in development as a new social media network designed for pilots, aviation professionals, general aviation members, commercial or military pilots and space enthusiasts. This social network is designed not only as a data resource and general news or "Buzz" in the industry but also as a tool for members to connect and share information and experiences. These may include flight planning and tours, flight instruction resources, aviation jobs, pilot's products and accessories, insurance, aviation safety resources, aviation art,  photography, sound and video clips.

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