Research & Products Development

 Research and Development


ETV, with its team of technology and market professionals, combines years of extensive R & D expertise and offers product assessments and outsourcing design services to companies in the development and marketing efforts.
This includes, but not limited to engineering, design, software, project management, manufacturing and protection of intellectual property. The objective is to provide innovative, cost effective and timely support services to our clients.
Services include:
  • Market research
  • Product evaluation & Assessment
  • Research & Development
  • Design services with outsourcing
  • Product & Project management
  • Global manufacturing contacts
  • Software development
  • Marketing & Sales
Video Card: Media Marketing Brochure


Video Brochure & Media Card Player (ETV-VC1)

ETV's Video Brochure, Media &  Greeting Card Player (VMGC-1) is a "living brochure," an excellent media, press and marketing tool for your company, greetings and or for presenting your products and services. With ETV's  VMGC-1 you have a competitive edge to deliver your custom made videos and printed messages in a consistent and dynamic fashion, in person or remotely. Impress prospects with a streamlined brochure that will stand out from the crowd - with a state of the art combination of printed ads and video commercials, embedded into the brochure. This creates a professional look that ads a touch of sophistication to your promotion efforts.

ETV will customize the video greeting card with your unique logo, art work with key points about your message. ETV will upload up to three videos of your choice, selected by three separate buttons and play as the card opens. VMGC-1 is reprogrammable with multiple videos of your choice using a USB cable, offering options for a dynamic living brochure with a combination of printed messages and audiovisual presentation.  ETV can also create video commercials for you and your firms as an additional service if you don't have a selection.

Video Card Specifications
The VMGC-1 comes in several LCD sizes from 2.4" to 7", with a battery life to support 3 hours of playback (rechargeable), built in speaker, the option for selection buttons to play multiple videos, and design options for blending the video into the card to fit your personal design needs.

Applications and uses

Video Brochure, marketing collaterals and direct mail
Product promotions and Press kit package
Sales and marketing prospecting tool
Presentation tool for experienced and non experienced sales people
Company and product brochures
Video CV/ Bio/ Resume
Instructional video tools
Real Estate tool to showcase agents, teams and homes

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Revenue Tool: A Financial Business Model



Financial Business Simulation Model

The key foundation to any business planning and operation is a strong financial business model.ETV develop "RevenueTool" an easy to use fianancial business simulation tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals 

ETV financial business simulation model, developed by Dr. Levy and his team, is based on applications of game theory and over 20 years of experience leading and managing organizational development, financial restructuring and operations.

The financial business model is formulated with ratios of influencing factors in operations relative to total sales revenues.  It gives you an easy and clear picture of where your business is, what the growth potential is, and what it will take to achieve growth with profitability. Combining your products and services, pricing, costs, margins, sales revenues and forecasts, cost of sales, gross profits, cost of operations, P&L and net profits, all interrelated by ratios of departmental budgets to total revenues, the financial business model calculates the operational values business owners need to implement.

Designed as an easy to use tool for business owners, at any level of business expertise and in any market, the financial business simulation model is an excel based platform consist of 6 table components: The simulation forecast table, the sales revenue table, the cost of sales table, the operational costs table and the financial ratios table.  All tables are integrated and the ratio are design to be reprogrammable and customized to adjust to a particular industry and or business.

You can use the business simulation model to lay out the correct financial ratios of operational budgets to total revenue and with simulation steps tied to forecasts, help you as a business owners assure put a better business plan in place for your own operation, team, potential investors and or existing shareholders.


  • Easy to use tool based on standard excel spreadsheet format
  • Designed for business owners of all levels of accounting background
  • An excellent tool to forecast not only sales but how sales affect the rest of the organization
  • Can be used to simulate growth scenario and get a financial layout calculated automatically
  • Can help develop growth strategies using integrate financial ratios of influencing factors in business operations
  • Great tool to demonstrate to investors control and mastery of your business moving forward