Research & Products Development

 Research and Development


ETV, with its team of technology and market professionals, combines years of extensive R & D expertise and offers product assessments and outsourcing design services to companies in the development and marketing efforts.
This includes, but not limited to engineering, design, software, project management, manufacturing and protection of intellectual property. The objective is to provide innovative, cost effective and timely support services to our clients.
Services include:
  • Market research
  • Product evaluation & Assessment
  • Research & Development
  • Design services with outsourcing
  • Product & Project management
  • Global manufacturing contacts
  • Software development
  • Marketing & Sales
Video Card: Media Marketing Brochure


Video Brochure & Media Card Player (ETV-VC1)

ETV's Video Brochure, Media &  Greeting Card Player (VMGC-1) is a "living brochure," an excellent media, press and marketing tool for your company, greetings and or for presenting your products and services. With ETV's  VMGC-1 you have a competitive edge to deliver your custom made videos and printed messages in a consistent and dynamic fashion, in person or remotely. Impress prospects with a streamlined brochure that will stand out from the crowd - with a state of the art combination of printed ads and video commercials, embedded into the brochure. This creates a professional look that ads a touch of sophistication to your promotion efforts.

ETV will customize the video greeting card with your unique logo, art work with key points about your message. ETV will upload up to three videos of your choice, selected by three separate buttons and play as the card opens. VMGC-1 is reprogrammable with multiple videos of your choice using a USB cable, offering options for a dynamic living brochure with a combination of printed messages and audiovisual presentation.  ETV can also create video commercials for you and your firms as an additional service if you don't have a selection.

Video Card Specifications
The VMGC-1 comes in several LCD sizes from 2.4" to 7", with a battery life to support 3 hours of playback (rechargeable), built in speaker, the option for selection buttons to play multiple videos, and design options for blending the video into the card to fit your personal design needs.

Applications and uses

Video Brochure, marketing collaterals and direct mail
Product promotions and Press kit package
Sales and marketing prospecting tool
Presentation tool for experienced and non experienced sales people
Company and product brochures
Video CV/ Bio/ Resume
Instructional video tools
Real Estate tool to showcase agents, teams and homes

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Testimonials: Financial Business Modeling Seminar

James Barnard

One of the key things for me, as an entrepreneur, is all the moving parts that exist in my business, and how challenging it can be on where to put priorities.  One valuable thing Dr. Levy provided is looking at all the moving parts in a simple fashion so that when I look at where you are going with my business, what kind of growth I want to have and what kind of revenue I want to make, I can identify where my priorities of focus need to be. So that was really valuable. The other thing is identifying hidden costs in the business, and understanding how to effectively delineate costs… it (the financial model) allows you to focus on what you need to do to achieve revenue goals.  This seminar really focuses on sales, and the ability to grow your business strategically, so that was really valuable to me. Dr. Levy is very compassionate and very strategic, and has a lot of experience in different industries. He provides a unique perspective where he can look at things at a really high level, and at micro level as well and how that effects the bigger picture.  He is really good at explaining things simply where they can seem complex to many people, he is good at explaining them simply, and engaging audience participation so that people understand it.  The financial business model is not like a typical accounting standpoint, it is based on a strategic growth approach. Meaning if I have products and services that I offer, what are the costs I need to take on in order to ensure the growth my business?   The financial business model is amazing.”

Aaron Weiss

As a general contractor, business owner, and entrepreneur, I didn’t know what to expect when I joined this course, and I came out with a  birds eye view of my business, and what I spend so much time and effort on, which really was amazing to me to get the tools to analyze how my business is functioning, the ups and downs, and what I need improve, what I need to focus on. Only in an event like this can you take the time to learn this about yourself and your business. I for sure would not have reached it on my own, and you have to always be open to having people help you reach your goals.  I’ve known Dr. Levy for a long time, and to me he’s an inspiration. He’s allowed me to look at things in a more clear way, more focused. His knowledge is not only for bigger companies that he has experience in, but its for any type of business, any type of company, big or small, and he knows his stuff. And he brings it in a way that is not super complex, that you need to have a masters in business to understand, he brings it in your language, in numbers that you see and feel. His model allowed me to understand my business. I didn’t have to do a masters to get it.  The financial business model is cause and effect, and it allows you to see every cause has an effect on your bottom line, to keep checks and balances, and sometimes as a business owner you need  something that will be that restriction to show you that if you do something in one area it will affect you in another, and maybe you are not spending enough where you should, and maybe you’re spending too much money in areas that are not effective, and how to grow. What I took out of it is how am I going to grow, and what is going to justify the numbers that I have in my business model.  The financial business model is the secret to your business. It is basically glasses that lets you see the numbers, what they mean, and where you want to be in business.

Sky Blossoms:

The strategic business modeling for entrepreneurs course with Dr. Levy was truly amazing, it was extremely valuable the depth of knowledge and expertise Dr. Levy has is truly one of a kind and remarkable, and it will be extremely helpful for any business owner who takes their business seriously  and understands that having a solid financial foundation is imperative, not only is it vital for day to day operations, but for creating forecasts into the future, and making decisions in hiring and expansion. Its really beyond what I can express in a few words in a testimonial, but I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.  Dr. Levy brings profound wealth of experience, depth of strategic mind that is truly unique, and his point of view is different than conventional thinking, he really stimulates your thought processes and makes you look at your business, yourself, and your opportunities in a completely new ways. So I would say he is very inspirational. The financial business model is a profound clarity tool that helps you see from a birds eye view everything that is happening in your business, and it helps you be strategic in the steps that you make, and your time management, where you know where your revenue is, and your expenses are, and how to increase productivity and performance overall of your business. Its also stimulating in developing new ideas, because once you look at it you see new possibilities for expansion. Working on the model inspired ideas, and helped my mind be more focused on what I want to be in my short term goals, and long term goals, and what I’m doing this very second is getting me further to my goals, or is it just taking time right now and making me busy. So I think it’s really a tool for better focus of your mind, for more productivity, and for clarity in the long run.  The financial business model is a phenomenal clarity tool for any business.

Lauren Temkin

The strategic business modeling course with Dr. Levy was a really interesting experience for me. What I think was most beneficial was having a guide to map my business on, and having some parameters that I feel confortable with, and to hit some targets and to know where I’m going. It really gave me a direction, and I feel more confident.  I know about my industry, and I was amazed at the breadth of knowledge he had in my little world. My industry is very specialized, and he knew about that, and it shows me that he knows a whole lot about a whole lot of thing.  The financial business model is an amazing tool. It is a planning tool. The financial business model is a great tool for planning your business.

Priya Mohan

I found the seminar to be very helpful for me. I am just starting my business. It is a coaching and consulting business, where I’m bringing a lot of professional background and experience into this business structure. I don’t necessarily have a business background, so a lot of the things I found intimidating initially like how to structure my financial model, and even how to look at my revenue streams, I feel a lot more comfortable looking at all that information. I feel that what I’m taking away from this is the keys and the system of how I’m going to grow and structure my business over the next few years, and I feel a lot more confident about what I’m putting together, and how I’m going to launch to the world.  Dr. Levy is an amazing instructor, he holds a really powerful space, he is a complete guardian of your success as well as he is kind and personable and compassionate, in the sense that he can relate to your situation, and he takes a personal interest in your growth, and how you can leverage your opportunities, and while he’s instructing and educating, and there’s a certain strictness and discipline, he’s very kind and personal with that approach and takes the edge off to make it very palatable to engage in this practice. I found the financial business model to be very clear and explicit and non intimidating. For me as I don’t have a business background it took the daunting task of having to put numbers and ratios and scales and put in this simple formula its taking something that could be complex and making it step by step so that it is simple and easy to use.  The financial business model is workable.

Simone Temkin

Its been very enlightening businesswise realizing how quickly a business can grow and how much great expert advice is available to hold your hand for the scary moments when you are wondering is this possible? How can this really happen? Feeling like you really need some support to know if you’re doing the right thing. We are blessed to be growing really quickly, and its kind of scary, there’s a lot of money going out, and we are not sure if were spending it correctly if our margins our correct, and it feels like a breath of fresh air to know that we are in the hands of some really expert advisors. They’re not just here for the course, which I highly recommend for anyone, but they are also here to help along the way and guide as you grow the business to just be there as a helping hand, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Dr. Levy is extremely approachable, extremely confident and knowledgeable. I don’t feel there is any question that he hasn’t thoroughly answered, I haven’t felt intimidated at all, and I really easily get intimidated by highly educated business professionals ,which he absolutely is as well as his whole team. He’s just an excellent resource that I really feel blessed to know. I’m not the numbers person in my business and I feel like I have finally grasped some things that have always been elusive to me by sitting through this course, and I feel like I finally understand and it doesn’t scare me as it used to. I’m on the creative artistic chef side of things, and I’ve always put the numbers onto my sister, and I feel happy to understand and know the numbers better. We have the numbers to plug in and know if a future product line is viable, to know if we’re marketing it correctly, just to have this business model. There are probably things that are “like it” out there, but I don’t think there’s anything exactly like it, it’s a very unique resource for any business that I would highly recommend for any one in business for themselves. The financial business model is a game changer, its probably the best investment you can make into your business.

Revenue Tool: A Financial Business Model



Financial Business Simulation Model

The key foundation to any business planning and operation is a strong financial business model.ETV develop "RevenueTool" an easy to use fianancial business simulation tool for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals 

ETV financial business simulation model, developed by Dr. Levy and his team, is based on applications of game theory and over 20 years of experience leading and managing organizational development, financial restructuring and operations.

The financial business model is formulated with ratios of influencing factors in operations relative to total sales revenues.  It gives you an easy and clear picture of where your business is, what the growth potential is, and what it will take to achieve growth with profitability. Combining your products and services, pricing, costs, margins, sales revenues and forecasts, cost of sales, gross profits, cost of operations, P&L and net profits, all interrelated by ratios of departmental budgets to total revenues, the financial business model calculates the operational values business owners need to implement.

Designed as an easy to use tool for business owners, at any level of business expertise and in any market, the financial business simulation model is an excel based platform consist of 6 table components: The simulation forecast table, the sales revenue table, the cost of sales table, the operational costs table and the financial ratios table.  All tables are integrated and the ratio are design to be reprogrammable and customized to adjust to a particular industry and or business.

You can use the business simulation model to lay out the correct financial ratios of operational budgets to total revenue and with simulation steps tied to forecasts, help you as a business owners assure put a better business plan in place for your own operation, team, potential investors and or existing shareholders.


  • Easy to use tool based on standard excel spreadsheet format
  • Designed for business owners of all levels of accounting background
  • An excellent tool to forecast not only sales but how sales affect the rest of the organization
  • Can be used to simulate growth scenario and get a financial layout calculated automatically
  • Can help develop growth strategies using integrate financial ratios of influencing factors in business operations
  • Great tool to demonstrate to investors control and mastery of your business moving forward