eBook: Factors Influencing CEOs of Publicly Traded Companies.
A Doctoral Dissertation Research PhD. Dr. Aaron Levy.
1st ed. 2010. (eBook version, 2015)

 Research Studies & White Papers


1. Leadership & Human Development, by Dr. Aaron Levy ($9.99)

This is 100 page research study that includes a review of human development as it relates to leadership development. It is an in-depth examination of leadership and human-development theories, models, and ideas studied from various interdisciplinary fields and case studies. The purpose of this examination is to gain the knowledge and understanding of the attributes, philosophies, theories and practical understanding as it related to leaders’ early development throughout history, across cultures, gender, discipline and or age.

2. Training CEOs & Business Leaders, by Dr. Aaron Levy ($9.99)

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Many business leaders feel they are too busy performing their daily tasks and do not have the luxury, or at times even the belief that they need any training. Although many CEOs support and promote training for their employees, some CEOs believe their training is done. This is farther from the truth and one of the biggest fallacies for business leaders today. Leaders of modern corporations need to continually be trained to not only grow the business but adapt to the fast changing environment, social media tools, globalization, new laws and competitive business environment. In addition, the growing acceptance and awareness of human behavior organizational psychology as key contributing element to building and maintaining a healthy business helps CEOs increase understanding how to select and manage people, how to motivate and perform at optimal levels. In this paper a review of selected research related to training will be addressed with emphasis on the views on training of CEOs and how well organizations manage this issue.


3. CEOs and Stress Management, by Dr. Aaron Levy ($9.99)

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Stress Management of Chief Executive Officers
Private and Publicly Traded Companies
[Originally authored in 2004.  Edited December, 2014).


Digital Printing: The Reference Handbook (2004)


 "Digital Printing: The Reference Handbook (2004)"

Digital printing book was conceived by Dr. Aaron Levy and co-authored with Gilles Biscos. The book is the expanded and completely updated version of Nonimpact Electronic Printing: The Reference Handbook first published in 1993 with a second edition in 1998.

Published in 2004, Digital Printintg is a thorough guide to electronic printing markets, languages, technologies, and applications. The book provides a historical background on digital printing technologies, how they work, their advantages/disadvantages, applications, and market trends. A detailed analysis of the key parameters and features of nonimpact printers is incorporated along with a discussion of topics such as printer connectivity, black-and-white and color desktop and production printing, as well as bar code and MICR printing. New and emerging challenges to print are explored. (March 2004/550 pages).