ETV Research & Development

Research and Development


ETV, with its team of technology and market professionals, combines years of extensive R & D expertise and offers product assessments and outsourcing design services to companies in the development and marketing efforts.
This includes, but not limited to engineering, design, software, project management, manufacturing and protection of intellectual property. The objective is to provide innovative, cost effective and timely support services to our clients.
Services include:
  • Market research
  • Product evaluation & Assessment
  • Research & Development
  • Design services with outsourcing
  • Product & Project management
  • Global manufacturing contacts
  • Software development
  • Marketing & Sales


Industries and Markets
  • High Tech & Manufacturing
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Real Estate & Mixed Scale projects
  • Healthcare & Medical devices
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Food Distribution & Services
  • Sports & Health programs
  • Apparel, Fashion & Jewelry
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Energy & Alternative resources
  • Tele-communication
  • Aviation, Aerospace & Defense


Product developed

Innovative products were developed, designed, manufactured and marketed by ETV leadership team for a wide range to market applications:
  • Electronic form, check printing, bar-coding and CASE management software. 
  • Networking, printer protocol converters, fiber-optics communications devices
  • Magnetic & infrared card readers
  • Video-Frame grabber, LAN, GPS and memory PC cards