Technology & Communications
Wayne Jones
CFO & VP of Operation.  Ophir RF, Inc.

It has been my experience that consultants are typically “long on promise and short on performance.”  This is definitely not the case when it comes to Dr. Aaron Levy and ETV Global, Inc.  Dr. Levy was engaged by Ophir in March, 2012 and continues to work with us in the development and implementation of a strategic business development plan utilizing a sophisticated financial simulation model.  In addition, Dr. Levy prepared and presented a detailed financial plan that was instrumental in obtaining a renewal of the company’s line of credit.  Dr. Levy’s reputation, professionalism, credibility, and his focus on the facts rather than on supposition were key elements in securing the renewal at terms that were highly favorable to Ophir.  It is essential to point out that Dr. Levy’s approach is one of complete immersion in the company’s operations in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the product line, current sales and marketing strategies, product line up and profitability, and the identification of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth and improvement.  Contrary to what one might suspect, this is not an intrusive or disruptive process.  Dr. Levy has the unique ability to interface effectively with all members of our staff, whether they hold clerical or executive positions.  He possesses the type of personality that brings out the best in everyone and a desire to cooperate and work as a team to ensure the success of the project.  To date, our involvement with Dr. Levy has been extremely beneficial and well worth the cost, time, and effort that has been devoted to the implementation of the strategies and recommendations that he has proposed.  Without any reservations, I highly recommend Dr. Levy and ETV Global, Inc. to anyone who is seeking to improve their organization’s image, profitability, and long term potential, especially in this demanding and difficult economic climate.


Mergers & Acquisitions | Growth Capital Valuations


Brian T. Franco
Founder - Managing Partner

Meritage Partners, Inc.

ergers & Acquisitions | Growth Capital Valuations

Dr. Aaron Levy is an advisory director and member of Meritage Partners since 2011.  Meritage Partners is a licensed M&A firm with over $1.5 Billion in successful transactions.  We utilize a proprietary investors’ network and a set of processes to efficiently target an acquirer’s platform or add-on acquisition.  In this process, Aaron’s expertise is crucial in delivering support for efficient transactions with added valuation to targeted companies.

With financial performance modeling, human factors and organizational cultural assessments,  Aaron’s vast and diverse background as a leader/CEO of private and publicly traded companies, technical innovative engineering skills and overall understanding of organizational human performance, helps bridge the gap between different corporate disciplines, better communicate to sellers, investors and acquirers’ how to optimize the M&A process for the benefit of stakeholders.   We appreciate Aaron’s vision, insight and experience, delivered in a humble, professional and polite manners. Thank you, Aaron, for your contribution.

Medical & Clinical Laboratories
Oshin Harootoorian
CEO of Primex Clinical Laboratory, Inc.

I have been working with Dr. Levy and his company since June of 2013. Dr. Levy and his team demonstrated tremendous professionalism, dedication, and strategic vision in assisting us in clearing obstacles and paving the way to scale up and increase our business revenues by almost 100%.

Primex Clinical Laboratory, founded in 1996, provides clinical diagnostic and testing services to thousands of clients throughout Central and Southern California, Nevada, Guam and Micronesian Islands. The  technical staff is comprised of exceptional Pathologists, Microbiologists, Bio analysts, Clinical Chemists, and general Clinical Laboratory Scientists. Primex provides the highest quality of testing along with a personal level of service unparalleled in the industry.

We highly recommend Dr. Levy for strategic development, turnaround and business growth methodologies and looking forward to continue working with Dr. Levy.  I will be more than happy to speak to anyone who is a serious prospect for business growth.  Thank you very much to Dr. Levy and his team.



Dr. Ofir Menashe
CEO and Founder
BioCastle Water Technologies, Ltd

BioCastle is an environmental biotechnology company, developing and marketing patented technology for water and wastewater treatment: The SBP (Small Bioreactor Platform) technology. They are presenting the capability to bio-engineering the water and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) environment in order to achieve up to 25% process yield increases, without the need for infrastructure upgrade.  

Testimonials: "Dr. Aeron Levy and his company, ETV Global, Inc., were engaged by BioCastle Water Technologies since 2014.  They were instrumental to our growth strategy and my own personal guide as a CEO, learning and developing the practice of economic business plan with their financial modeling tools.  The financial model delivered to us was and still is of great value. We use it on a daily basis for our current operations as well as for any new project we develop, as part of our strategic plan.  This tool, with the knowledge as to how to develop strategies, is essential for any CEO and entrepreneur.  It helps better manage their company as well as a good outline to pursue funding. In addition, the learning process Dr. Levy put me thru, was not only challenging and interesting but extremely practical and useful. Today, Dr. Levy remains as a member of our advisory board."

U.S.A Patent No. US 8,673,606 B2
Europe Patent No. 2421544
Australia Patent No. 2010240486
Israel Patent No. 213072

Commercial Real Estate &Acquisition
David Blitz
Founder & CEO
Nebo Capital Inc. - Commercial Real Estate.

Founded in 2001, NEBO has successfully obtained over $2 billion in equity and debt for numerous clients from a well-developed network of capital partners for commercial real estate projects.

testimonial:  We worked with Dr. Levy in 2014 on financial modeling and strategic development.  In my years of experience with Dr Aaron Levy he has never failed to impress me with the breath of his knowledge of both technical and management/organizational issues as well as his “renaissance man” breath and real-world problem-solving successes in many fields.




Residential Real Estate
Jody Clegg
The Real Estate Team

I can honestly say that Dr. Levy impact on our organization was immediate and in many ways. It is with Dr. Levy’s guidance, direction, business tools, and strategic planning that resulted in our company growth by more than 40% in the last year. As one of the leading real estate teams in Orange County, The Jody Clegg Team, we made leaps and bounds in our production, attitude, and growth since the initial meeting with Dr. Levy. Challenges are no longer obstacles with Dr. Levy.  They are opportunities with solutions in everything we do.  When you hear that someone “lights up a room”, well this is better understood when you meet Aaron.  You can easily be aware of his energy. His enthusiasm, passion, and intelligence are unparalleled with anyone I have ever met.  It is not an understatement to say that you can certainly feel his confidence, wisdom, and incredible focus from the second you meet him. I feel it is a privilege and a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with someone like Aaron.  (Jody Clegg).

A rare commodity, to be sure, whereby he designs a “realistic but sophisticated” strategic road map leading to a sustainable success for our business. On a personal level, he has impacted every one of us to strive to do great things.  It is with great pleasure to give this testimonial to Aaron, as he has become the most instrumental factor and valuable asset to our business and organization.  We are thankful to Aaron for sharing his deep passion and incredible energy with our team, and we are ever grateful for his impact on all of our lives. We certainly plan to continue our working relationship years into the future. 


Recruiting and Professional Services


Katie McConnell Olson, CPA, PHR
Hire Education Consulting Group

Dr. Levy has become my “go to” for guidance, direction and perspective. He is a wealth of information and insight. Dr. Levy’s approach is thoughtful and paced, while also taking into consideration my needs and working style. I can consistently count on him to assist me with shifting my thinking and getting me “unstuck”. Dr. Levy delivers with a calming energy, which is a breath of fresh air as a busy entrepreneur juggling many demands.

After every conversation with Dr. Levy, I walk away with a heap of new ideas, plans and inspiration for how to keep improving my business and taking it to the next level.

I recommend Dr. Aaron Levy to anyone who is looking to elevate their thinking, be challenged in new and innovative ways and grow both their business and themselves as a professional.



Media, Film & Entertainment

->Testimonial- Click HERE to listen

Mikki Willis
Founder & CEO

ELEVATE - Media and Film Production


An award-winning filmmaker, Mikki Willis is respected globally as a producer, an innovator of conscious media, and immersive production experiences. He is the founder of ELEVATE and a pioneer of socially and environmentally conscious media. As the founder of ELEVATE, with his team, he produced over 300 independent productions, including network television specials, features films, viral media campaigns, and music videos for multi-platinum artists such as Alannis Morissette, India Arie, and The Black-Eyed Peas. September 11th, 2001 marked a turning point in Mikki Willis' life and career. After witnessing the collapse of the Twin Towers from a neighboring high-rise, he helped to lead a team of civilians who remained in the danger zone for three days while searching for survivors. It was atop the rubble of the World Trade Center that his life's mission was defined and his motivate to found ELEVATE with its charter to produce conscious oriented films.

Vertical Farming Technologies
At Oasis Biotech in LV, 2018

Elijah Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Vertical Green, LLC

Vertical Green, LLC is a Los Angeles based farming technology company.  Founded in early 2016, Vertical Green LLC is focused on "Pest, Pesticide and Chemically Free Agriculture" in either an "Automated or Non-Automated Process". Agriculture grown indoors, specifically in a Controlled Environment Agriculture, using artificial light. 


Vertical Green, LLC engaged Dr. Aaron Levy and ETV Global Inc. in early 2018. Dr. Levy was instrumental in refocusing objectives and direction of Vertical Green, LLC. His abilities in "Strategic Development / Thinking" and the training which included a detailed SWOT analysis of the company and our team, myself personally, financial business modeling, investment presentations and development of presentation skills, enabling me to clarify qualified leads and strategies to implement and pursue potential clients and revenue. Dr. Levy has been incredibly beneficial in my own learning process, "readjusting" my perceptions and adding to my skills set as an entrepreneur, investor and as leader/CEO. 


I highly regard his immense contribution to the company, my learning curve and insight I have attained from Dr. Levy. 





Software & Information Technologies

James Barnard

One of the key things for me, as an entrepreneur, is all the moving parts that exist in my business, and how challenging it can be on where to put priorities.  One valuable thing Dr. Levy provided is looking at all the moving parts in a simple fashion so that when I look at where you are going with my business, what kind of growth I want to have and what kind of revenue I want to make, I can identify where my priorities of focus need to be. So that was really valuable. The other thing is identifying hidden costs in the business, and understanding how to effectively delineate costs… it (the financial model) allows you to focus on what you need to do to achieve revenue goals.  This seminar really focuses on sales, and the ability to grow your business strategically, so that was really valuable to me. Dr. Levy is very compassionate and very strategic, and has a lot of experience in different industries. He provides a unique perspective where he can look at things at a really high level, and at micro level as well and how that effects the bigger picture.  He is really good at explaining things simply where they can seem complex to many people, he is good at explaining them simply, and engaging audience participation so that people understand it.  The financial business model is not like a typical accounting standpoint, it is based on a strategic growth approach. Meaning if I have products and services that I offer, what are the costs I need to take on in order to ensure the growth my business?   The financial business model is amazing.”


ETV offers a mini- MBA courses in management, leadership and courses for entrepreneurs, private companies and corporations. The objective of these seminars is to offer practical education in a workshop format, where participants return to their businesses with the tools to improve their own skill sets and contribute to overall operation and achieve a balanced, sustainable and profitable growth.

Testimonial form Jay Levin - An American journalist who was founder and editor of the LA Weekly
An American journalist who was founder and editor of the LA Weekly, one of the seminal newspapers of the weekly alternative press in the United States.  The LA Weekly became the largest and most successful urban weekly newspaper in America and a major transformative force in Los Angeles.  I invited Dr. Aaron Levy to speak at the CEO Peer Group Advisory Board that I lead and facilitate. The group consists of a dozen CE0s whose companies are in various stages of growth and development, and the topic of a far more sophisticated way to analyze and manage their budgets and growth was highly appealing to them when I suggested we invite Dr. Levy.  His presentation was remarkably illuminating and so engaging that the entire group asked that we discard our agenda and allow Dr. Levy to keep presenting for hours more than planned. Boiled down, Dr. Levy combines a treasure load of original and incisive thinking with vast knowledge of every facet of business. And he presents (call it a performance) as one of the most compelling business speakers one can imagine. Each CEO said later it was high up as perhaps the best and most eye-opening teachings they had experienced. 

Fashion, Apparel & Jewelry


Liza Shtromberg
CEO, Designer and Founder
Jewelry by Liza Shtromberg

Dr. Aaron Levy continues to amaze me with his unique transformational business approach. With his help and guidance we were able to get my Jewelry collection to be featured at the Getty Villa, approved as a vendor to Bloomingdale Jewelry department and had already shown our collection at Century City Bloomingdales during fashion week.  He has a remarkable ability to apply a lifetime of knowledge and corporate experiences to effectively resolve situations in my own business in a cost effective and timely fashion. Dr. Aaron Levy tackled issues from logistic, financial, and psychological aspects of my business.  He was able to quickly assess my business, familiarize himself with the business model and markets and formulated an effective strategy to achieve sustainable growth in a timely plan of action. With his unique vision applied to so many aspects of my business, his company’s capability and services with follow through, he delivered results for us.  I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to make their dreams come true, may it be on the business coaching level, career or life mentoring.  Liza Shtromberg is an acclaimed Jewelry designer, founder and CEO of LS Jewelry


Residential Real Estate
Jan Hogrewe
CEO & Founder
Just Jans Jam, Inc.

It only took a moment for me to realize working with Dr. Levy would transform and elevate my business to levels I had not imagined.  Being a one woman business owner and having exceeded my own expectations in such a short time from opening my new business - I knew I could not continue alone and succeed.  The challenges both from a personal and business standpoint were becoming overwhelming and hard to manage as I was growing quickly.  Dr. Levy quite literally took the weight off my shoulders and gave me a sense of peace immediately upon working with him and his team. 

Since we started working together, I feel like I’m being given a crash course in getting my masters degree in business and he’s opened my eyes to seeing a much bigger picture along with a vision of what my business will look like in the future.  I am focused and feeling a sense of balance in my life and so happy that the stars aligned for us to meet and travel down this exciting new path!

Thank you Dr. Levy and ETV team for all your caring, encouragement, support and incredible work ethics.  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.


Life and Relationship Expert


Dr. Sky Blossoms
#1 Best Selling and Award-Winning Author and America's Leading Relationship Expert

"The strategic business modeling for entrepreneurs course with Dr. Levy was truly amazing, it was extremely valuable with the depth of knowledge and expertise.  Dr. Levy has is truly one of a kind and remarkable, and it will be extremely helpful for any business owner who takes their business seriously and understands that having a solid financial foundation is imperative, not only is it vital for day to day operations, but for creating forecasts into the future, and making decisions in hiring and expansion. Its really beyond what I can express in a few words in a testimonial, but I would highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.  Dr. Levy brings profound wealth of experience, depth of strategic mind that is truly unique, and his point of view is different than conventional thinking, he really stimulates your thought processes and makes you look at your business, yourself, and your opportunities in a completely new ways. So I would say he is very inspirational. The financial business model is a profound clarity tool that helps you see from a birds eye view everything that is happening in your business, and it helps you be strategic in the steps that you make, and your time management, where you know where your revenue is, and your expenses are, and how to increase productivity and performance overall of your business. Its also stimulating in developing new ideas, because once you look at it you see new possibilities for expansion. Working on the model inspired ideas, and helped my mind be more focused on what I want to be in my short term goals, and long term goals, and what I’m doing this very second is getting me further to my goals, or is it just taking time right now and making me busy. So I think it’s really a tool for better focus of your mind, for more productivity, and for clarity in the long run.  The financial business model is a phenomenal clarity tool for any business."


Residential Real Estate
Aaron Weiss
President and Founder: Arm Builders, Inc.
As a general contractor, business owner, and entrepreneur, I didn’t know what to expect when I joined this course, and I came out with a  birds eye view of my business, and what I spend so much time and effort on, which really was amazing to me to get the tools to analyze how my business is functioning, the ups and downs, and what I need improve, what I need to focus on. Only in an event like this can you take the time to learn this about yourself and your business. I for sure would not have reached it on my own, and you have to always be open to having people help you reach your goals.  I’ve known Dr. Levy for a long time, and to me he’s an inspiration. He’s allowed me to look at things in a more clear way, more focused. His knowledge is not only for bigger companies that he has experience in, but its for any type of business, any type of company, big or small, and he knows his stuff. And he brings it in a way that is not super complex, that you need to have a masters in business to understand, he brings it in your language, in numbers that you see and feel. His model allowed me to understand my business. I didn’t have to do a masters to get it.  The financial business model is cause and effect, and it allows you to see every cause has an effect on your bottom line, to keep checks and balances, and sometimes as a business owner you need  something that will be that restriction to show you that if you do something in one area it will affect you in another, and maybe you are not spending enough where you should, and maybe you’re spending too much money in areas that are not effective, and how to grow. What I took out of it is how am I going to grow, and what is going to justify the numbers that I have in my business model.  The financial business model is the secret to your business. It is basically glasses that lets you see the numbers, what they mean, and where you want to be in business.

Fine Arts & Galleries 
Crystal Wright, Artist/ Owner, Plaster Mosiac
Modern Art
Crystal Wright inspired by the paintings and drawings of her grandmothers, a sister and brother. Crystal who started creating art as a child, drawing cartoons, was never quite satisfied with the two dimensional world. In exploring art she would strive to make each work completely different from the last. Crystal has experimented with many different mediums and found her home with plaster and acrylic paint.  With this, she focused on the natural world. Her work is her interpretation of this universe we live in. Ocean life and outer space are her favorite subjects.  She began developing the idea for plaster mosaics in 1999. Using Plaster of Paris, each piece is individually dripped, painted, and placed by hand to produce these original creations. Making my dream come thru in expanding and showing my art to the public came about working with Dr. Aaron Levy. The main thing I gained in working with Aaron was how to get started as a small business which for many artists is an unfamiliar territory. He showed me how to create sales possibilities for my art or reproduction of my art pieces helped me construct a financial model for my business and taught me how to develop a simple business model. He also guided me through the process and steps to take in order to create a successful business. Working with Dr. Aaron Levy was a positive and motivating experience that gave me the tools to move forward with a long time dream.

Come visit us or visit our web site at



Health Care & Medical Devices

Dr. Elaine L. Rosen, MD, FAAP
CEO/Founder,  California Center for Healthy Living
I began working with Dr. Aaron Levy in November of 2009 on my medical practice serving kids and their families with weight and body image challenges.  Through Dr. Levy’s mentorship and guidance, I was able to bring about significant transformation—first to myself as a leader and businesswoman, and then ultimately to my business.  His experience, caring, discipline, and instincts all combined to galvanize me to always reach for the next level, no matter where I was (or am).  One can always find individuals and companies to consult in the separate domains of financial projections/planning, prospecting/marketing, and leadership training.  But the combination of all those capabilities in one person is rare—much less one that truly cares about the success of his clients.I am thrilled to report that my gross revenue has almost tripled since.  I have finally become profitable, while watching other new businesses that opened at the same time close.  Through persistent and aggressive marketing strategies, our new business is streaming in-- and we are maintaining a consistent level of service to our existing client base.  
THANK YOU, Dr. Levy; I most certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

Fashion, Apparel & Jewelry


Celebrity Pink

Celebrity Pink believes you can be both fashionable and comfortable without sacrificing fit. The young, active lifestyle of today’s youth should be reflected in the ability of one’s clothes to transition seamlessly from day to night vibrancy. Girls deserve to love their jeans as much as they love their genes, and it is by this standard it is ensured that every pair of Celebrity Pink’s denim is made to not only wear but to live in.

From music to art to fashion, these young, smart consumers are setting trends that reverberate internationally. They are the new age influencers and in this light we must allow them their desired effect on the fashion world. Celebrity Pink responds to this new league of trendsetters by offering more than just premium denim at a junior price point. Celebrity Pink offers a very LA lifestyle that is attainable to anyone who reaches for it.


Cosmetic & Accessories


Andres Morale,  President,
The last year, 2011, was a challenging year for our company. Struggling sales and production had us looking for new solutions.  Dr. Levy, since we started, you have broadened our vision and, challenged us to find alternative solutions not common to the telemarketing industry; most importantly a patient understanding of how to interpret the ETV-Simulator developed by ETV. The financial model simulator, along with your advice and guidance, has given us the understanding on how to identify issues, direct solutions and how to turn each vision into planning and action. ETV-Simulator is a projection of what can be done and what results we will achieve, if we follow your advice on the operational side.
This helped our company not only patch the wounds and correct the many mistakes that we have made, but can see how we should better plan for 2012/2013.  I would like to thank you for giving a struggling business a jolt of life. There is much more work that is needed to be accomplished in 2012, but I know now that we are on the right track.

Residential Real Estate
Mike Kelly Group, First Team Real Estate

From the minute I met Dr. Levy,  I knew I had found someone who cared about my business and would help build it to a level I had previously thought was unattainable. We immediately went to work breaking down my current business and developing strategies to grow exponentially.

The ideas generated and strategies developed were unique and a fresh approach to building a real estate business.  I continue to work on these strategies and am very pleased with the direction my business is going! I highly recommend Dr. Levy and his fabulous team of dedicated professionals.


Residential Real Estate

Jennifer Gamero
Founder, The Gamero Group
I opened a small real estate brokerage in 2008 as the market began to suffer.  After being in business for 2 years, I realized I needed help to navigate the changing real estate climate and decided to seek advice from a business consultant. I knew I had a great business potential but I needed help to take it to the next level. I began asking for recommendations, and after meeting a few consultants I finally met with Dr. Aaron Levy, who has turned out to be so much more than a real estate consultant. He provided an overall business organizational approach to tackle challenges, internally and externally. After engaging with Dr. Levy, his knowledge and expertise opened my eyes to aspects of my business that I never thought could improve.  It was refreshing transformational approach that instead of advising me to change my business model or down size, Dr. Levy's focus was to establish methods to increase stabilize the business, increase revenue and sustained growth.  His sincerity in wanting to see us grow, along with his strategic expertise, marketing, and human development has helped us greatly.  I'm excited and looking forward to the future of the business.  I am truly thankful for all the support, coaching, mentorship and guidance he has provided.

Life and Business Coaching


Jay Levin
American Journalist: Life and Business Coach.
An American journalist who was founder and editor of the LA Weekly, one of the seminal newspapers of the weekly alternative press in the United States.  The LA Weekly became the largest and most successful urban weekly newspaper in America and a major transformative force in Los Angeles.
I invited Dr. Aaron Levy to speak at the CEO Peer Group Advisory Board that I lead and facilitate. The group consists of a dozen CE0s whose companies are in various stages of growth and development, and the topic of a far more sophisticated way to analyze and manage their budgets and growth was highly appealing to them when I suggested we invite Dr. Levy.  His presentation was remarkably illuminating and so engaging that the entire group asked that we discard our agenda and allow Dr. Levy to keep presenting for hours more than planned. Boiled down, Dr. Levy combines a treasure load of original and incisive thinking with vast knowledge of every facet of business. And he presents (call it a performance) as one of the most compelling business speakers one can imagine. Each CEO said later it was high up as perhaps the best and most eye-opening teachings they had experienced. 

Philanthropy & Community

Jane Goodall Institue,
Carol Irwin
Chief of Staff & Director of Planned Giving

Testimonial - According to Chief of Staff: “Dr. Aaron Levy has been a valuable and trusted member of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Audit Committee for the past 5 years; Dr. Levy has consistently provided the organization with sound financial advice on this most important of committees which requires the utmost in compliance acumen. Dr. Levy’s commitment to the mission and the financial standing of the Institute has been of the highest value to us and his diligence in assessing our annual audit has been something we could always count on.”

JGI is a global community conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall by protecting chimpanzees and inspiring people to conserve the natural world we all share, improving the lives of people, animals and the environment. Everything is connected—everyone can make a difference.


Food & Hospitality